Wednesday, November 26, 2008

barbie story

well, i just watched barbie n the diamond castle with eja n sera. n i found it more interesting than the others. i dunno why. but i truly in love with it. haha. i noe, it sounds scary, but believe me, dis time, it's different. there were two princess, two prince, n two dogs. hihi. they were perfect match. it ended up like, everybody had their own partner. usually, only the one with white hair, will marry the prince. while the other 1 with brown hair, just sit and watch their wedding. smile n happy for them.... bla bla bla.... huh! pathetic, dun u think? another reason i like this story, is bcos of the diamond castle. fuh! so huge n beautiful. n sparkling! i wonder if there's one in malaysia. who knows? suddenly, appears in the middle of tasik chini. haha. drpd pikir ada naga kat ctu.. wah! every sunday, my family n i will go there n fish. n bring a lot of diamonds home. hihi. ckp lah merapek, sabrina oi. so, for more info, just watch the story. enjoy!


FatimahAzzahra. said...

kte pun dah tgk cite ni sab!

and yeah, i'm so agree with you!
this story is the BEST among all the other barbie stories! ;)

ayesya johan said...

nantilarh aku tgk
haha :D