Wednesday, November 12, 2008


yea! school holiday! BYE BYE SMKTM! haha.. finally! no need to wake up early. can sleep peacefully as long as i want. no need to think about hw n mostly, no more GANESH. but still, i need to go for my class tution, wit my couz faris, yg mengundang ajak aku gi tution. hish! spoil je. why cant holiday be a meaningful holiday. but never mind. besides next year will be a big year for me. ahhh!! pls God! i dun want to take SPM yet. it's such a nightmare, u see. n the worst part is i'll be competing wit my 6couzs back, which all of them are totally damn, superb brilliant. ah! not again! please guys. let me rest. i dunno why. whenever i think about you guys, i feel like an earthquake happens in my tummy. huh!

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