Friday, November 14, 2008

i really hate them

so stupid. i dunno why i have to think about them!
honestly, i really wanna be good wit them.. n get rid of my anger towards them. but it seems dat they dun want me to.
seriously, if it wasnt bcoz of my teacher n my friends (yaya, hazwani, natalia) i wont even think to do dat. tp bila ingat balik, there's no used, u see. to hate our enemies nor someone dat we dun like. bcoz at the end of it, believe me, it will be us who hurt the most. n deep in our heart, we will never stop feeling guilty.
but how can i accept someone who dun even know the meaning of 'appreciate'. sometimes, i wonder do they want to turn out like dat? ilmu x berkat, buat org skt hati, menyusahkan org, yet tuduh org bkn2.
huh! please help me, Ya Allah! i dun wanna hate them. especially si afro tu..


an-zurie ayesya said...

si afro tuh aku xtau larhh
mcm xpenah buat pape..


benci tahap dewaaa

FatimahAzzahra. said...

kite phm ;l