Sunday, November 30, 2008

funny but effective

yesterday, i watched awani channel n happened to see this funny lil thing. its about a fine for rude people. i dunno why, but i guess, myb bcoz there were too many minor crimes happened in united state. so the judges came out with this idea.
well, the culprits just have to stay in this small, tiny room for about an hour or two. guess what? within dat hours, they will be listening to these sad, loud, annoying, unfamous songs that they've never heard. actually, never played by the radio. n they really have to stand with it without any sound. or the judge will double the period. haha. u know what? u should see their face, man! they were like dead fishes.. horrible n terrible! hope they can learn their lessons. n u noe what? i think this should be done in malaysia. dun u think? especially teenagers... :D

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