Tuesday, November 4, 2008

hello there!

hello there! hope there is someone who gonna read my blog. well, i know it's gonna be a lil bit boring, as dis is my first time. but i'll try . so, let's start with myself.
ps : i'm so sorry if my words are lil bit confusing but at least i'm trying right?

  • nursabrina amran
  • people call me : sab, sabrina, nina, acap, capcap, chappy, seb, sabby, kambing
  • 22 april 1992
  • malaysian
  • love my mom's nasi lemak
  • hate science subjects
  • wanna be a photographer (tapi umi salu gelak bila aku ckp mcm tu)
  • hate clown damn much (0r should i said scared)
  • love music and my families!
  • fav movies : transformers
  • fav colour : blue
  • i really want to travel (huh! yana cepat lah plan!)

dats all i think. nothing much to say actually. hehe. okay then. it's already 1.12 am now. wait for my next blog, okay! BYE!

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