Saturday, November 22, 2008

michael jackson converts to islam :)


dear people! michael jackson now has become a muslim! huhuu... thumbs up for u, man! really proud of u. well, glad to know dat u've choosed islam.

michael, or should i called mikaeel now, had went through shahadah in the mosque, with his brother; jermaine. n guess what? he wore a traditional Arab women's black robe (jubah yg hitam tu) with his face covered with 'pudar' (am i spelling it raite?). hahahahahahaha. ayya! why did you cover ur face? i thought u had finished millions dollar for it?! sampai hidong pon bole cabot.. hmmm. whatever lah labu...

well at first, he was attracted with jermaine's life, who embraced the faith in 1989. jermaine who had came back from mecca, used dis opportunity to dakwah n got him a lot of religious books. after reading the books, he then seemed to be more interested in islam. he asked a lot of things about jermaine's religion n finally decided to embrace islam. supported by his friends n brother, mikaeel now lives in even more peaceful life than before.

alhamdulillah! huhu! x sangka gle dowh! but it's good to hear dis news right? can u imagine?! mikaeel, wearing his white jubah... n a white kopiah on his head? huh! he'll totally look like a ghost. scaaaaryyyy.... but never mind. jgn ko takot2 org kat surau sdh. doa lah Allah kasik muka ko tu elok sikit. amin....

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FatimahAzzahra. said...

ohh really?
mest die kene sunat kan?

btw kwn, mcm ni la eje PURDAH