Thursday, November 8, 2012

boys who cant leave, girls who cant stop hoping :)

at first, it was hard to tackle this one girl.. the challenges caught his attention to this girl, made him wanted to be more close to her.. and slowly the girl gave her heart to that boy.. she began to love him, she knew everything (almost) about that man.. his act, his taste, his likes and dislikes.. including when, what women called 'THAT MOMENT', came... his heart no longer hers, his presence.. girls cant really explain how they know, it just came across and couldnt stop boggling her mind.. after that comes the peak.. a situation where the girl needed infinity explanations that can never satisfied her heart, while the boy couldnt even answer a yes/no question.. then comes a lie, kononnya to avoid mouth-battling.. and once the lie came out, there is no trust, and eventually, hardly the relationship survives.. 

these few months ive been hearing too many stories about their disloyalty boyfriends from my friends and cousins.. where the boys still has this L.O.V.E feelings towards his girlfriend but at the same time couldnt stop thinking abt this new girl.. bla bla..

and then i listened to this song.. serious korg kena dengar.. hehe.. well, its not because im a K-Pop fans (im just RM fanatic fans) but the lyrics is no kidding.. you guys should reaaaalllyy listen to this :)

but of course, besides accept that men are all like that (maybe not all, MOST maybe :p), dear girls, have faith in Allah, dont cry over too hard and hope for too long for this crappy guys.. please girls.. i may have no strong reason or anything to make you abruptly stop loving them.. but slowly just do it okay?

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