Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Perks of Being A Wallflower :)

hello there.. just now i went to One Utama with Wani.. And we watched this !!!

i just love this movie !! well, the beginning was quite slow but i still like it coz it introduced the main character, Charlie.. who was played by Logan Lerman, the cutest man on Earth!!! his eyes, his gaze.. haiyyyaaaaaa!!!! manyak cair woooo.. and he played Charlie really well.. nampak innocent sangat dgn muka die yg cute :3 waaaaaa~ angau sudah !

as someone who read the novel, i am satisfied with this movie... SANGAT SUKA !!! for those who dont, i think you will like this too.. maybe not at the beginning because i saw Wani quite sleepy, yawning a few time... but seriously its getting interesting in the middle towards the end.. 

actually i thot this movie will be out next year February.. because i heard abt Malaysia banned this book... so thats the reason why some of my friends told me that they couldnt find this book at any store... urmm, mcm saya, saya hanya mampu download je :p hihi

the movie is only for 13 and above.. definitely not good for children to watch.. hehe~ and plus, i dont think the kids can understand tho... especially because the movie doesnt provide any subtitle.. satu ape pon tarak... i dunno whether the GSC forgot to put ke, or ape ke.. but i think it will be a little bit helpful if you put english subtitle ke at least, because there are a few words especially when Hermoine talks.. because die ckp mcm bak kata org Melayu, banyak sangat angin, tak pahaam~ hehe.. British Boy bole la paham kot :p 

so enuf saying.. for those who havent watch this movie yet, i suggest you to watch this.. this movie is so special to me because the sayings are so true.. we feel, we face it almost every day in our lives.. i reblogged a few words from the novel in my tumblr... you can click here.. so, HAVE FUN WATCHING !!! 

#p/s : i just wanna share my favourite quote ;)


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