Friday, November 9, 2012

its a wraaaapppp !!! *melompat2 :)

yeaaayyy!! akhirnya dah habis diploma.. wlpn banyak kali org ckp degree ada lg, tap lantak pi la.. yg tu ceq nak tarok tepi.. sekarang happy gile baq hang !!

Alhamdulillah, 2 tahun setengah ni mmg serious banyak benda yang aku belajar.. walaupun subject semester lepas banyak yang dah lupa, tapi still segala jasa lecturers mmg takkan dilupa... aiceyyy!! ayat mcm layak buat pidato..

well, for today, i just wanna share some of my favourite moments during my diploma.. and hope you guys enjoy :)

we were so stressed whenever we heard 'Algebra or Al-Azdi' :) 

joining OPKIM organised by ustaz (amirul hilman) :)

bought same watches :')

first time ada mak angkat :)

first time jadi AJK KOLEJ :P

first time jugak keluar sampai subuh :P

 first time jugak menang menari mcm monyet :P

not to forget budak seri iskandar yg sgt peramah and best :) 

 first time masuk pertandingan futsal :P

first time basuh keta kat padang kawad uitm shah alam.. sbb banyak sgt telur yg dah masak atas keta -.-

last gathering if im not mistaken :) i miss this the most :')

our favourite, beloved lecturer, Prof Khalil :) the most sporting one on the Earth !

not to forget those who leaves UiTM, Own and Dayat :) tho its sad that they quit, i pray may you get best results with your new course :) study hard yeah !

i know some photos you might have seen before... but hehe.. they are my favourites.. hehe.. i even put these photos in one album.. semata baq hang.. well, they've become a part of my life, memories that forever stuck in my head, stories that will never stop coming out from my mouth.. THE NICE MEMORY IVE EVER HAD !!! I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS TO THE MAX :) dear budak shah alam and seri iskandar, lets tegur each other kalau kita berjumpa ek :)

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