Sunday, November 11, 2012

running man maniac :D

i dunno what to call this syndrome but seriously this running man thing has seriously become part of our brain.. YES, BRAIN ! whenever Wani, Sera and I met, I realise we always talked about running man casts.. pretty scary coz the way we talk is like they are our neighbours, who lives just next to our houses.. haha! what's more scary is we didnt really talk about running man show, we talked about their private lives !!

"when haha will get married?"

"did u look the haha's pre-wedding photos"

"comel gile jong kook main games dgn mak die" 

"gary, kwang soo, jong kook mcm salu hang out sama kan?" 

"haha rasanya tak salu lepak dah, ye la, die nak kawen dah, sure buat persiapan nye.."

"park bo young tu mmg makwe joong ki la.."

and bla bla bla.. scary rite? yup, i know :)

but thats just the must-talk topic, whenever we met.. it naturally comes out from our mouths.. tapi selalunya mesti Wani yang start dulu :P pastu melekat la dalam 15 minit :)

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