Wednesday, December 3, 2008

happy december

hey there! happy december. hehe. i noe it sounds weird but it seems dat dis month, on dis year is kind of 'disenagi' by everybody. especially the stars n the moon. coz i've never see them 'acted', like dat before. well, what happened was, on 1st december this year, i mean last monday, there were two stars n a crescent, forming a happy smiley at the sky. of course at the sky. huuh! i saw them with my own eyes, seriously! i tried to capture it, but it was too late as they were 'running' from me n hiding behind the mountain. so i guess tak da rezeki lah kot nak tunjuk kat korg. hehe. u noe what? i think, myb bcz they're happy to celebrate raya haji kot. haha! wah! kambing! mkn kambing! lamb chop satu!


nadia_saleh said...

kak ale cm btol ke??

sabrina said...