Wednesday, December 31, 2008

trip to singapore

one word about singapore, MODERN-LOOK. well, my fam n i went there last sunday. n the trip was ok. we went to pulau sentosa, fountain of wealth, n many more. as compared to malaysia, singapore is thousands times cleaner than malaysia. yeah! i cant doubt that. even the facilities provided are suerb good. overall it was satisfying. cey, mcm ape je.

but other than that, i would say malaysia is better. hehe. sorry! especially when it comes to shopping time. x tau lah. bt myb bcoz we're malaysian kot. so the price is a lil bit wooooow for us. kalu nak bli, mst kena kira dl. haha. the place pon quite same. but still, whatever it is, at least i have this experince right? myb u should visit singapore sometimes. it's fun, n it only takes bout 10 hours to go all around it. hehe. promote negara org plak.

n there's another thing about singapore. this country is too strict dowh. takot aku. even our tour guide ckp mcm tu. tambah plak, i found this shirt, it wrote, "SINGAPORE IS A FINE COUNTRY. NO FINE, NO SINGAPORE. yg lg best nya.. SINGAPORE, FULL OF FINES. EVRYTHING IS FINE." smph klaka. but it's true. coz, it's so hard to find people breaking the rules. x da gerai, no stall, no warong. huh! so x da lah nmpk bdk melepak kat tepi2 ni. ish3. looking at this situation, now i noe how lucky i am for being a malaysian. yeah!

cute lil angel

sng btol nak jmp keta mewah kat cni

the snowman doesnt melt at all. miracle, isnt it? bole lagi pgg buku.

time ni tgh naik cable car. haha. my dad is afraid of height. so nak x nak, kena lah ttp muka. kiki.

bus to duck tour. what a quackalaking!

cool huh?

seriously, aku lupa gle nama tmpt ni. tp cam aquaria lah.

jellyfish. blub blub...

this is called hai-wan

pulau sentosa

london bridge

mengundang dowh. ala2 bollywood movie. kiki. bulu2.

layan ombak.

before we go back

that's all for now! bye!

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perghhh cun gila si eja punya baju