Wednesday, December 3, 2008


huhu! finally! i've already watched twilight yesterday with emma. best gle. it just dat, cite ni cam ada gaya cite 'twins effect' skit lah. but of course, this one is better. i love the part, when edward sitting with bella's dad. waiting for bella to get dress. haha. they were funny. overall, this movie is totally kickin and crackalaking. altho the cut was sooo obvious. huh! i really hope i can find man like edward. n live in a house like dat. wah! mst sihat dn subor pny. kiki. ;P u noe what? i think i wanna make friend with a vegetarian vampire lah. wah! then, he'll protect me wherever i go. kiki. ni kena upah abg2 sedara aku kacau aku ni. mst cam terharu gle. hmm. if he get killed plak, i think i wanna 'siat' his skin. wah! n dry it under the sun. so dat i can sell them. wah! janda kaya oo.. ada calon handsome x?

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