Saturday, December 13, 2008

my dreamssss

these few days, i keep thinking about my future. my job, my own house. i wonder how does it looks like... kalu lah ada bola kaca kat dunia ni.

seriously, if u look at my results, i dun think there's a bright future for me. hmm. guess, i have to be close with mr books from now on. altho i noe there's no chemistry between us, just hope dat our 'relationship' will turn out well. geli gle ayat. muahahaha.. anything for my dream. oh dream! please come true! amin!

firstly, i have to pass my driving lessons no matter what. so dat i can go out whenever i get bored... it's a MUST

SPM! this is when i need mr books.
study habes! haih! aku gerenti, thn dpn mst tension gle pikir psl benda nih... harap dpt jaga kewarasan aku.

this will be my part time job when i'm in university. blaja smbl jalan tgkp gambar. wah! this one is also a MUST.

ACCOUNTANT. my ambition since i was a kid. altho i hate sitting in the office n listen to someone, guess i have to stick with it no matter what, coz math is the only subject that i like. math, not add math. huh! life! nothing is easy. everything needs a hard work. but one thing about accountant, get ready for my new, big spectacles. 0_0 kiki

after all the hard work, i will make sure dat i'll travel around the world. kalu gaji bagus, myb once three years. start dgn yg wajib, pegi buat haji dulu. then goldcoast, aussie. wah! must be fun.

hope these come true. i'll try my best no matter what. just pray for my success! ;)


yananana said...

ey makcik,saya tag kamu.wat soalan2 tuh!

ayesya johan said...


this is a mustt!