Tuesday, December 30, 2008

abang yo dah kawen!

hey there! we meet again. its been a long time huh? well, i was in johor bahru, attending my couz's wedding. so no time to write blog lah. hehe.

hmm. i was enjoying myself so much there. especially when it came to shopping time, coz there were too many shirts n shoes that suit me (or should i say 'fit'), n the discounts were up to 70 percent, man! gile kentang! haha! u should come n visit johore sometimes, coz it's such a beautiful place in malaysia.

so, back to our main topic; about my 'lovely' couz yg plg aku tabik dlm dunia; ABANG YO! seriously! i cant believe dat he's already married! haha. but still, congratultions abg yo! happy to noe dat there's a woman who can actually turns u up like that. what i see is like, DOCTOR HOUSE suddenly turns into elvis presly. scary, man! all this while, abg yo never fails from bullying people around him. baik wanie, yana... suma org lah. mcm2 benda, ada je dlm kepala otak die tu... aduh! but never mind. since he's the only superb genius, doctor among our family, so everybody just have to accept his 'funny' lil jokes n laugh as long as they can. harharhar...

so the akad nikah n malam berinai was on 26th dec, while the next day was majlis bersanding.
akad nikah time!
with tok kadi. shahmi, the hot tissue boy. huahuuahua..

after that, we're all having our breakfast outside. sdp gle asam pedas die. tp plik ar. pg2 buta mkn asam pedas. but never mind lah. rezeki perlu ditarik.

wani, yana, faan (big teeth) n me

shafii's family. i noticed dat there's one aunty who appointed to wani lah. i guess, diorg dah b'kenan kot nak jd kan wani menantu. haha.
btw, wani is the blue one.

bersanding plak!

aku x phm btol motif, pengantin laki kena dok dl kat luar sblom die masok. adoyai! pastu plak, there were about four tolls, i guess, where the bride had to pay one riggit (kot) before he could get in. starting from the gate till the stage. huh! sampai b'peluh ayah chik (a.k.a mr shafii)
kesian ayah chik..

abg yo n kak zarikh <3
again! shafii's family

umi n abah kat meja vvip.. woohoo...

alah suweeeeeeeeeeet nya! time ni mmg suma org bantai gelak. sbb mmg x bole bla!

overall, it was very fun. sempat plak gi dnga bay. haha! we ride tricycles, bicycles, playing games at the arcade n funfair... hooooooo... senang kata, everybody was having fun! ;)


An-Zurie Ayesya said...

nih ker abg yo?

gambar kau 4 org tuh kau nampak cun gila arh!

An-Zurie Ayesya said...

tolong baca cerita nih..
aku perlukan sebanyak pendapat yg aku blh dapat

yananana said...

kakak die cun lagi la :P