Friday, December 5, 2008

nina! tabah ek?

dis one is to '1st' nina (melawati):
i just heard about him from emma.. tabah ek? u still have 'wan' right? ;P dun be sad!

dis one is to '2nd' nina (lembah keramat):
dun be sad ngeng! i'm sure u'll forget him one day. dun let him hurt u. there's no use. and btw, dun go to his page. never ever go there. do u understand me? btw, call me asap.

p/s: be strong for both of u. anything just call me. btw, thanx for trusting me. smph terharu gle dowh!

sincerely from dr cinta... (muahahahahaa)

1 comment:

nadia_saleh said...

kak ale bley gelak je~~

siyesly tringt zmn skolah dlu..